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 · To start, we generally advise to self-suck upside down. That is to say, put on your back and turn your legs over your head, as if you wanted to put your knees behind the ears. This position is not very comfortable but it is recommended to begin because the weight of your back, your buttocks and your legs will press on the spine and it will be much more sagging.


 · The answer is yes you can do self-suck or autofellatio, and you will find it very easy if you have the flexibility of the neck and back, the right length of your spine, and above the average size of your erect penis. To suck your penis you have to bend your body with control and …


 · Tips to enjoy self sucking. Stretch! Even as flexible as I am, I frequently stretch before, and after I know that I will be self sucking so that my body doesn’t hurt while I am performing. I have found that my neck and back are areas that receive the most stress from this activity so be cautious to not strain yourself too much.


 · Stick the tip of your tongue in the piss slit. Try licking and tickling the frenulum, which is on the underside of your cock head (the top side, from a self-sucking perspective). Wrap your lips around the cock head and apply suction. Suck in more and pull your cock in past your lips, then pop it in and out.

The in depth “ Self Suck How To” Manual is here: A complete step-by-step workout using ancient ultimate pleasure techniques to ... positions, video training, even nutrition and stretching, anything and everything needed to make it happen. This eBook is jam-packed with all the information necessary to get you there the quickest, fastest ...

Watch Stretching for self-sucking and cum in mouth on Xtube. My hubby is under hard self-sucking training. He needs to warm up and stretch before he can reach his cock with his mouth. But it is totally worth the effort. He loves getting that cum in his mouth.


 · Self-Sucking 101: A Beginner's Course To The Fine Art of Auto-Fellatio ... (I'm packing six inches, which I think is about 7 in porn length), all it takes is a little stretching and some good ole fashioned determination to pull this off. But I'm rambling now; Let's start the lesson. Step 1: Find A Comfortable Spot

14. Savage’s response: “Hey, Kevin: You need to be limber. Start a stretching regimen, take a yoga class and one day you may be able to suck yourself off. In the meantime, find a cock to practice on — imagine how disappointed you’ll be if after months of hard work you can finally reach your cock only to discover you give lousy head.”

How to self suck. self-sucking is an art that many would not be able to archive. However, it gives a great sense of fulfillment if you can put your penis in your mouth. How to suck your own dick. There are several tricks to suck your own dick quickly. But Here are the most effective tricks.


 · Im a 15 y/o male and ive really wanted to try self sucking but have never been able to do it. i have a 6 inch penis and would really like to be able to scuk my own dick. i always come about 6 inches or a foot away from being able to reach it with my tounge and its torture. does anybody have advice on how i can become more flexible or the best way i can get my mouth to my penis?