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The Sissy Squat Homepage Exercise Profile Primary Muscle Group(s): Back, Front Thighs, Gluteus Maximux Secondary Muscle Group(s): Hamstrings, Calves Exercise Instructions 1. Adopt a position with your feet about 18 inches apart. 2. I usually use a towel but you can use a rope and hook it around a pole or something similar. Now, you …


 · A sissy squat is a quadricep targeting exercise that focuses on leaning backwards and bending from knee to achieve the bottom of the position, rather than hinging from the hips and sitting down like in a traditional squat. The sissy squat is incredibly difficult to achieve free standing, so often relies on a simple bit of kit that keeps the feet and calves in place. This helps with your balance which …


 · Sissy squats when done right will add strength, size and mobility to your quads better than almost any other exercise out there. Sissy squat also demands and develops mobility in the ankles, lower back and many of the hip muscles (stabilization). If you do sissy squats without support, you will also develop coordination and balance.

The sissy squat isolates your quads better than any other barbell or dumbbell exercise. It does this by eliminating most of the involvement of your glutes and hamstrings. When you do it right, your heels will be above your toes, and your body, angled backward instead of forward, will form a straight line from neck to knees throughout the movement.


 · Sissy squats are an excellent exercise to help strengthen and stabilize your hips! During the squats, you will be using your hip flexors to help to maintain balance throughout the movement. When doing sissy squats regularly, you will eventually develop better strength at the hips, which help your body in building a strong, healthy posture!


 · The sissy squat can be used to tone the quadriceps muscles. As the sissy squat is such a challenging move, proper form is essential to prevent injury to the knees. Feet should be shoulder width apart, pointing slightly outward. As the knees bend and come forward, the …

The practice of sissy squat is really beneficial for100% isolation of your quads and put less stress on other muscles such as knee joints. Sissy squats are actually better as compared to regular squats that put pressure on knee joints. It is an immensely helpful exercise for …


 · Sissy Squats with weight is recommended when you learn the correct form of a sissy squat without weights. If you don’t have the correct form, it can be dangerous towards your muscles and joints. Sissy Squats with weights movement is the same without weights. The difference is the addition of weights on your chest or torso.


 · Another great sissy squat bench you will love is the NBpower sissy squat machine. This 3-in-1 equipment is ideal for crunch abs workouts, sit ups, leg curls and deep sissy squats. It features a 2 x 2 inch thick steel tubing construction.