Is it Safe to Take Teva-Tadalafil (Mardengyst) For Erectilectomy?

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Teva-Tadalafil (trade name of Mardengyst) is an extended-release prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. It may be taken two to three times a day, at the same time each day, or it can be taken with meals and taken with a full glass of water. The dosage recommendation is usually about 60 mg taken with water.

The drugs were developed in the 1960s by R.J. Reynolds (makers of Camel cigarettes) as an aid for weight loss. Now, it is used as a drug for male impotence in men who are unable to have an erection for various reasons.

R.J. Reynolds has advertised that Teva-Tadalafil “increases the blood flow to the penis”constantly secreting hormones that promote semen production”. To illustrate this claim, the company claims, “Tadalafil has helped more than one million men achieve a much stronger erection”, and the brand is recommended for “general libido enhancement”.

The FDA does not recognize the effects of Teva-Tadalafil on sexual desire but says that Teva-Tadalafil “may not be as effective as other treatments in treating these men”. However, the ingredients of the drug are similar to those used in male contraceptives, and the same will be true of its treatment of impotence. In fact, studies indicate that the makers of the drug claim that it will treat impotence without increasing the amount of semen produced.

It’s a shame that the FDA does not approve of some of the claims made by Teva-Tadalafil about erectile dysfunction. But, there are many advantages to taking this drug to treat impotence.

Impotence means that a man is unable to have an erection lasting longer than five minutes. It does not necessarily mean that the man is impotent, though in most cases, it is because he cannot sustain an erection. This should not prevent the treatment of impotence. For a man in any stage of the sexual life, these conditions can cause low self-esteem and frustration.

Impotence also causes loss of confidence, and loss of virility. Most importantly, losing the confidence and virility are felt as being shameful.

If a man is unable to perform his role in his family, he may feel ashamed of his impotence, which can make it worse. Worse still, if a man is at risk of committing suicide due to his inability to have a lasting erection, it makes him feel more vulnerable.

Treatment of impotence with Teva-Tadalafil improves both quality of life and self-esteem. After three months of treatment, the man should notice improvement in self-esteem. It can also help a man maintain a healthy weight by increasing his semen volume.

Another important advantage of taking Teva-Tadalafil for impotence is that it can be used to treat a variety of impotence conditions. When given on an as-needed basis, it is less expensive than other forms of treatment. Many patients find that they have better sexual functions with it, as opposed to other drugs, that they take on a continuous basis.

While there are not many side effects of taking this drug to treat erectile dysfunction, it may be prescribed by your doctor only under certain conditions. Sinceno serious side effects have been reported so far, it is recommended that you discuss the drug with your doctor before taking it.

When it comes to impotence, take Teva-Tadalil (Mardengyst) with care. While it may treat impotence, it is not a cure and should be used in conjunction with other treatments for impotence.