Is There Any Difference Between Flibanserin Generic And Flibanserin?

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If you’ve read through all of the articles I’ve written about women’s libido enhancement drugs, you may have come across the words “Flibanserin Generic” at least once. You may have even thought that I was referring to a brand name for the drug but in reality, it’s generic name is Enzyte.

When I first heard about this potentially life-saving and powerful ingredient, I was concerned about the safety and side effects. The more I learned about the drug, the more positive I became about its potential to help women regain their sexual desire.

What Is Flibanserin? Flibanserin is a brand name for Fuzex Methyl Viagra.

What’s Its Generic Name? Flibanserin, is the generic version of the drug.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects? According to the FDA website, the most common side effects include insomnia, urinary retention, muscle tension, hot flashes, and nausea. More severe problems include suicidal thoughts, depression, and thoughts of hurting oneself.

Should Women Try Flibanserin? There’s been a lot of controversy regarding the safety and effectiveness of the drug and many women have reported a variety of problems. The results of clinical trials have shown that the drug can increase a woman’s sexual desire, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Flibanserin doesn’t seem to work as well as some of the other over-the-counter male sex enhancers available on the market. It is also less effective than some prescription female libido enhancers. So, while this drug is great for women who don’t respond to the other types of treatments, it isn’t the answer for everyone.

While the drug has few side effects, you should take care to avoid taking the medication if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. If you are either of these things, then you should consult your doctor before you take the medication.

You also should avoid taking the drug if you are taking medications that interfere with the drug, or if you are taking blood thinners because side effects can be severe. Flibanserin doesn’t work on all people and not everyone can use it, so you should seek the advice of your doctor before you take it.

If you’re concerned about possible side effects, you should talk to your doctor about it. He or she can assess your current medical history and will determine whether or not you should try this drug.

If you do decide to try Flibanserin, it’s important to make sure that you follow the directions carefully. Not all women respond the same to the medication and it can take several weeks to see results, so you should keep a record of when you started taking the pill and when you expected to see a response.

Finally, ask your sexual health professionals with any questions you may have. They can give you some insight into your own desires and reactions to the drug and can also tell you if there are any other options for you.