Lady Era, Mandragora, The Lady Botanical Star

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This article is dedicated to all the girls who love the Lady Era (Dalbergia, Mandragora, Ergobium, Agatha) and wants to buy this herb in bulk. We are lucky to live in a time where we can now get the best quality of flower grown in a large scale and therefore we should try to buy these kinds of herbs and ensure that it would be the best quality product for our own use.

The Lady Era, Mandragora, the Agatha, as they are known in India is one of the most popular flowering shrubs. These are used to produce beautiful large flowers and they are wonderful for gardens because of their size and beauty.

The Lady Era, Agatha, has an easy care, fast growing habit which makes it the ideal plant for gardeners. They are native to India and Pakistan and are known for their floral patterns, hardiness and adaptability to various soils and climate conditions.

It is also known as baharganj (or basti-gui-j), mughaij (or mugh-gai-j), janjodar, balaur, garh’haj, sunyya, kashmiri, mulk, rahi jada, sarkaranj, havansi, sanghi and janak. They have small brownish yellow flowers that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

They are often used as a spice, as a condiment, and for flavoring dried leaves and stems. Most of the other products such as potted plants, potpourri, dried leaves, stems, flowers, twigs, and seeds of these types of herbs are available from online shops and at your local garden centers.

You can get the pure form of this plant or buy the combination pack of this type of herbs. But most of the people prefer the pureform of these products for their own use.

The leaves of the Lady Era, Mandragora, are edible and you can try making some of these recipes with the leaves and stems. You can add some spices such as coriander, cumin, garam masala, again, carom seeds, fenugreek seeds and green cardamom seeds.

The leaves and stems of the Lady Era, Mandragora, can be used in tea, powder, and tincture. The pure form can be used as a tea with the coriander seeds in it and if you add coriander seed in it, it will give a nice smell.

The leaves and stems can be mixed with saffron and are then used in making a flower bouquet. The aromatic leaves and stems are used as is, as well as in making a tea. There are also people who make aromatic dry leaves and extracts of these herbs.

The leaves and stems of the Lady Era, Mandragora, are very useful and are also used as an insect repellent in India. The flowers have a strong fragrance and so you should wear gloves and preferably to be eaten with a pickle, or boiled in a pickle, or as a flavoring for hot beverages. One can also use the dry leaves and stems in preparing salads, soups, potted plants, and various pastes.

In order to extract the fresh leaves from the plant, you need to steam them over charcoal. After the steaming is done, you need to place them in a container for about one hour to extract the oil and fiber.

The Lady Era, Dalbergia, is fast becoming more popular due to the incredible flavor and aroma of the flower. It is now available in the market and is becoming a favorite for many people.