Signs That She is Using Oral Contraceptives

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When is it time to be concerned about sildenafil use in females? If you have a male partner, you are most likely wondering the same thing. In order to take the proper precaution, some basic questions must be asked.

How well does your partner function sexually? You can be sure that any additional impediment will come back to haunt you, just as if she were using a male enhancement pill.

Are there any potential health problems? If you suspect that her oral sex is not as pleasurable for her as it was a few months ago, this could be one of the warning signs that she is using an oral drug.

Is she using sildenafil to improve her performance during intercourse? Chances are that she is. If she is not interested in being pleasured in the bedroom, then you should make your concerns known to her.

Is your partner using sildenafil for other reasons besides enhancing her ability to orgasm? If you suspect that she is using oral drugs for other reasons, be prepared to be quite blunt about it.

How good is her female libido? If your partner’s libido is not as strong as it used to be, she may be using sildenafil. Ask her to give you some samples of her current condition.

Does your partner smoke, drink, or use other large amounts of drugs? If she is under these conditions, she will be using sildenafil. She may be using it to get high, orshe may be doing it for other purposes.

Is she concerned about her weight? Weight gain may be one of the indications that she is using sildenafil.

Does she have any contraindications for sildenafil? If your partner has had a history of heart problems, hypertension, strokes, or blood clots, she should not be using sildenafil.

There are also many conditions that cause your partner to fall into a medically contraindicated category when using sildenafil. You should discuss this with your doctor before using it.

The FDA lists eight contraindications for sildenafil. Be sure to consider them before taking it.

If you are a female who has used sildenafil and is concerned about any of the signs listed above, talk to your doctor about what she can do to help. You may be able to avoid surgery and other serious consequences if you have your doctor recommend something else first.