The Little Blue Pill Review

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“The Little Blue Pill” is the most popular book of all time. This account by a man who suffered from a form of premature ejaculation is interesting, heart-wrenching and well written.

It also has strong moral content. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but a man in trouble with his sex drive can relate well to the struggle and the emotional content in this book.

You need to understand that it takes more than just “feeling good”orgasmic bliss”. There are many causes, some psychological and some physical, and both effects can have very harmful consequences.

No one ever said that you could not overcome this great problem. But the best way to help is to stop this premature ejaculation before it starts!

The whole book is about the link between sexual dysfunction and anxiety. You may think that you cannot overcome this problem because you have never felt anxious before. That is absolutely wrong!

There is a very powerful link between the two issues. If anxiety did not exist, then premature ejaculation would not occur in this way.

You might feel like you do not have enough experience to feel anxious about sex. That is completely wrong! Not only is anxiety an unavoidable part of life, but it is also part of the healing process.

You may feel at the moment that you can only take pleasure in sex when your partner is able to give it to you. That is not true. If you knew how much you could enjoy sex without the fear of ejaculating then you would feel much better about your situation.

“The Little Blue Pill” is written for every man who wants to stop the premature ejaculation problem once and for all. He will find that the experience of healing himself has been wonderful.

He will get temporary relief from anxiety and fear that seems to come out of nowhere and then suddenly return. You will find that the anxiety is so completely distorted that it creates a distortion in the mind of the man and that he is unable to deal with reality properly.

In order to get permanent relief from premature ejaculation, you must understand the underlying causes of anxiety. Then, work through the recovery of your body from the fear.

Until you deal with anxiety effectively, you will never be able to cure premature ejaculation and any other form of sexual dysfunction. To read “The Little Blue Pill” is to discover the truth about this topic that many men have been looking for years!