The Narayan Aurobindo’s Stimulating The Pineal Gland

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The discovery of tadalafil aurobindo (Dalmanji) was a milestone in the history of medicine. With the help of animal tests, it was proved that the drug was able to produce effects similar to those of cocaine. There were no side effects and so this became a ‘breakthrough’ for aurobindo’s research.

In addition, it was found that the drug produced neurochemical changes which could be felt by the brain. Aurobindo would soon find out that these neurochemical changes also had an effect on many of the physical symptoms of depression.

‘What kind of drugs will you be experimenting with, one which is capable of producing a single change in your particular mind?’ asked Maharishi who had worked on the experiment.

Maharishi put forth numerous questions to aurobindo but the latter did not understand them. He started to think that the LSD experiments might be too dangerous and must be done under a qualified doctor. The doctor agreed to this suggestion and the experiment was completed on his way to Calcutta.

It was noticed that, even if the substances produced a counter-effect, the causes would be similar. This was an important point to note. A patient of aurobindoknew knew that an anti-depressant could only bring about temporary relief.

The experiment gave a happy ending as a patient showed remarkable improvement after taking the drug and saw himself free from his physical problems. He lived happily and died after a prolonged illness which proved to be chronic in nature.

Taking the drugs was not without its own side effects. Although a patient became calmer, his weight increased a little bit. This would also prove to be the case with other patients who were under the influence of the drug.

Some doctors believed that this was a side effect due to over indulgence and others thought that human beings were perfectly capable of handling such things. Aurobindo decided to give the drug to his family and friends who had not experienced any side effects. But he also decided to try the drug out on a large number of people who were sure to have side effects.

The next step in the experiment was a systematic plan to obtain these people. Aurobindo was sure that his friend and colleague Devdutt Pattanaik would be able to provide all the required information to lead the whole exercise. Devdutt had been fascinated by Aurobindo’s work and accepted the experiment with enthusiasm.

Although tadalafil aurobindo had successfully induced a sensation in the pineal gland, he was not at all aware of what the results were. The whole thing was new to him and he was very confused about the psychological effects of the drug. And even Maharishi was baffled as to what was happening.

On the other hand, Aurobindo realised the effect of the drug and immediately began using it on Amrita which was the main ingredient of the experiment. The rest of the preparations were slowly prepared and Maharishi made use of the laboratory at Birla House, where the drug was being prepared.

Aurobindo noticed that Amrita had a tranquilizing effect on the human mind and a reading on Amrita led him to believe that there might be something amazing in the brain. Tadalafil aurobindo proved to be the beginning of the holistic approach to curing mental illnesses, which is still followed up to this day. The knowledge derived from the experiment was kept intact for almost thirty years but then the scientist’s fascination with mysticism took over and some parts of the experiment were forgotten.