Walmart’s Partnership With Prescription Specialists Could Be One Way For Patients to Get Prescription Drugs Without a Prescription

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If you are like the millions of Americans who have joined the online anti-depressant revolution, then you know full well that using prescription drugs to treat your mental illness has become increasingly popular. But what you may not know is that the majority of these drugs have been sold over the counter at many of the country’s leading retail pharmacies.

This is exactly what is happening with some of the most popular prescription drugs, including the two most widely prescribed antidepressants – Effexor and Wellbutrin. And it is happening with another commonly used treatment called the anti-anxiety medicine Xanax. And there are a lot more that we aren’t aware of – a recent study reported that these drugs were distributed directly by a number of Wal-Mart retailers in the United States.

This study revealed that prescription drugs containing these two common prescription drugs, Paxil and Wellbutrin, were distributed through Wal-Mart outlets in more than a dozen states. Although this is alarming for many consumers, it also highlights the increasing power of pharmacies as a supplier of prescription drugs to retail pharmacies.

In the past, the largest source of these drugs was actually the medical profession and was distributed only to qualified doctors and physicians. Now, thanks to the power of pharmacy websites like Wal-Mart, more people are accessing these powerful prescriptions.

There’s really no way to avoid the fact that Wal-Mart as a company, and the site as a whole, have an opportunity to help provide access to the drugs that so many Americans need. With one of the nation’s largest pharmacy retailers as a partner, they can set themselves apart from other retailers by offering drug management programs and affordable medication.

In addition, Wal-Mart has the benefit of advertising – if Wal-Mart begins offering discounts on some of their top selling drugs, it will draw in new customers who will in turn buy more drugs from the store. This will ultimately help the company make more money.

As for patients, they are in the best position to make decisions about whether to use these prescription drugs as opposed to alternative options. Most of them have no idea of the frequency of drug abuse by its patients, or that the majority of these drugs sold at Wal-Mart, and other retailers, are not the same medications that doctors prescribe to patients.

These drugs contain very powerful medications that act very differently when they enter the brain of a patient. Unlike prescription painkillers or drugs for anxiety and depression, these drugs can be far more dangerous and addicting to patients.

However, the risk posed by Wal-Mart and other retailers is that they will be the ones to promote these drugs, often in uneducated ways. There is absolutely no chance that Wal-Mart or any other retailer would be so careless about advertising that they would advertise a drug as being “for children”for teens” when it is, in fact, designed for adults.

Additionally, because of the widespread distribution of these two widely used prescription drugs, Wal-Mart can also draw on their experience in both the creation and distribution of prescription medications to set up a program for the delivery of “ed pills” to consumers who don’t qualify for a prescription. By partnering with the largest pharmacy retailers in the country, they have the opportunity to establish partnerships that can ultimately help them put into practice their own program that can treat millions of Americans with these drugs.

Since so many people who don’t have prescription drugs in their home can qualify for prescription assistance, the fact that Wal-Mart is working with prescription specialists to distribute prescription medications over the internet shows that they understand the importance of this type of program. And that means that their partnership with Wal-Mart can provide millions of people with life-changing relief.

Wal-Mart’s program will take care of the prescriptions needed by those who don’t qualify for a prescription by ordering prescription drugs through their website, giving their customers easy access to these powerful drugs through their websites. The company is also partnering with several sites that are dedicated to providing information about the safety and effectiveness of these drugs to consumers.